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From Faucets to Sinks to Toilets, High Elevation Plumbing Has Got You Covered

As many homeowners already know, fixtures are the most common source of everyday plumbing problems. From running toilets to slow sinks to dripping faucets, the frustration that comes with trying to get your plumbing fixtures to work correctly is very real. However, at a certain point, it becomes more cost-efficient to just replace your fixtures entirely, rather than constantly having them repaired.

That’s why at High Elevation Plumbing, we provide premium fixture installations in San Luis Valley, to ensure your plumbing system works better and lasts longer. All of the fixtures we offer are from industry-leading manufacturers and brands, so your home never receives anything less than the best. We also carry fixtures for a wide variety of styles and tastes, so you can get new equipment to match your exact aesthetic preferences. And with in-person estimates, there’s no reason not to find out what new fixture installation can do for your home. Call now for San Luis Valley plumbing fixtures, and let High Elevation Plumbing elevate your fixtures ASAP.

To learn more about our quality fixture options, dial (719) 428-1529.

The Benefits of Upgrading Your Fixtures

If you are tired of the old plumbing equipment in your kitchen, bathroom or anywhere else on your property, new fixtures may be just what you’ve been missing. Fortunately, High Elevation Plumbing offers a range of modern sinks, faucets, toilets, bathtubs, showers, tap bibs, hose valves, and more to meet your needs. When you call our San Luis Valley plumbers for fixture service, we can also test your water pressure and check your pipes, so your new fixtures always work perfectly with your larger plumbing system. Feel free to call our plumbers anytime for repair and maintenance options on certain equipment, and get ready to take your plumbing system up a notch.

When you call our plumbers for San Luis Valley fixture replacement, you can:

  • Increase The Value Of Your Home -
    One of the big benefits of having new plumbing fixtures installed in your home is that it increases the value of your home and can significantly improve the overall look of your bathroom or kitchen. By having up to date fixtures can help make your home that much easier to sell.
  • Improves Design -
    By updating and installing new plumbing fixtures, you can help improve the overall design of your bathroom or kitchen. With newer fixtures you enhance the aesthetic of the room you are updating and can incorporate your ideas of what would help your kitchen or bathroom work best for you.
  • Reduce Overall Plumbing Costs & Repair Needs -
    A lot of newer plumbing fixtures have water saving technologies integrated in them. This means that when you upgrade your current fixtures you will be reducing your water waste will be saving on your monthly water bill.

Perhaps the best part of upgrading to sleek, modern fixtures is that they also tend to be energy-efficient. If you are dealing with high water bills, part of the problem could be leaks and other damage in your old plumbing equipment. Fortunately, by replacing outdated fixtures with high-functioning new ones, you can maximize plumbing performance while reducing monthly utility costs for years to come. Below we also have 3 tips on when you should update your fixtures.

  • Leaks -
    As bathroom fixtures get older they can tend to start to leak. If you notice your fixtures are leaking, it may be smart to look into replacing that fixture. If left unchecked, you may end up spending much more on your water bills due to the leak.
  • Rusty Fixtures -
    Visible rust is a clear sign that you need to replaced your bathroom fixtures. Often times rust can also impact the inside of your faucet fixtures and not allow water to come out. If this is the problem, contact us for professional fixture installation.
  • Old and Outdated -
    An obvious sign to update or replace your plumbing fixtures are if they are old and outdated. If your bathroom aesthetic has changed and no longer has seashell wallpaper, it may be time to also update your shower head to a much more eco friendly, low cost one.

There’s No Time Like Now to Install New Plumbing Fixtures!

High Elevation Plumbing makes it easy to afford new fixtures with our money-saving deals and specials. Call now for same-day service from our family-owned and operated plumbing pros, and we will work quickly to install your new tub, faucet, or sink before you know it. We also provide expert water heater services! And if you are dealing with a sudden leak and cannot wait for service, we also offer weekend and after-hours work for a small fee. Hire High Elevation Plumbing to get new fixtures today, and find out why customers love us across the San Luis Valley. Take a look at our 5 star reviews!

Don’t let old or out-of-date fixtures drag down your property. Call (719) 428-1529 for plumbing fixture installation in San Luis Valley and the surrounding areas, or click here to contact us online.

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