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Outdoor Faucets & Vacuum Breakers in San Luis Valley

Our Plumbers Protect Your Water Supply

It’s important to protect your home’s water supply for the health and well-being of yourself and your entire family. However, even if you regularly have your pipes serviced, recently installed new fixtures, and use a water filter, there may be one area of your house where your potable water is still vulnerable: the outdoor faucet. Your home’s outdoor faucet, sometimes just referred to as the spigot, can contaminate the drinking water that flows back through your plumbing system.

Fortunately, with outdoor faucet and vacuum breaker services from High Elevation Plumbing, you’ll never have to worry about this problem. Our team of licensed and insured plumbers are equipped with all the latest industry-leading tools and equipment, and pride themselves on personalized service to fit the needs of every individual customer. And with a range of services, there’s no reason not to find how replacing exterior fixtures can improve your property. Call today for vacuum breakers and outdoor faucets in San Luis Valley, and discover the High Elevation Plumbing difference for yourself.

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About Our Outdoor Faucets

While many homeowners may assume there is no difference between one outdoor faucet and the next, this is actually not the case. You may not think about these plumbing fixtures very often, yet they can cause major problems for your home when leaks occur, or when the Colorado winter sets in and they start to freeze or even burst. To ensure your house’s water supply is protected and to provide an ongoing water source for your exterior property and lawn, it is important to hire a professional plumber to periodically have your outdoor faucets serviced.

At High Elevation Plumbing, we provide repairs and replacements for outdoor faucets including:

  • Hose Bibs: On a hose bib, the control valve is located close to the handle of the spout. This makes the faucet more likely to freeze, so although they are common, hose bibs are not found outdoors as much in states like Colorado.
  • Sillcocks: Sillcocks, sometimes known as frost-free faucets or anti-siphon outdoor faucet hydrants, look like hose bibs except they have long pipes running to where the water valve is located. Above the handle of sillcocks is an anti-siphon valve. Positioning the water valve like this keeps the water away from the outdoor temperatures, which may cause it to freeze.
  • Garden Taps: Garden taps are about as common as hose bibs, and look extremely similar. The main difference is that the faucet is positioned for homeowners to attach a hose from the bottom, as opposed to horizontally.
  • House Hydrants: House hydrants are a new and still fairly uncommon type of outdoor faucet. This fixture allows you to access your water supply outside of your home by simply twisting in a connector, rather than struggling with a hose. These devices are known for being drip-free, and are also less likely to freeze during the winter.

Vacuum Breakers in San Luis Valley

A vacuum breaker is a device designed to stop water that leaves your faucet from going back into your plumbing system. They are extremely useful for preventing backflow and back-siphoning, and can be installed anywhere your water is used for something other than drinking. Vacuum breakers are very important on outside faucets, which are exposed to the elements all year and can cause contamination in your water supply without protection. Luckily, High Elevation Plumbing offers vacuum breakers to keep your property safe and your family healthy. If you believe there is any chance your home is dealing with missing or broken vacuum breakers, call our San Luis Valley plumbers for installation today.

Call High Elevation Plumbing for Guaranteed Customer Satisfaction

Customers across the San Luis Valley love High Elevation Plumbing because we offer fast work at a reasonable price. We truly care about our customers, which is why we offer multiple coupons and specials to help make our services as affordable as possible. And with after-hours and weekend work available for a small fee, so it’s always a good time to call our San Luis Valley plumbers. For outdoor faucets and vacuum breakers from a family-owned and operated company that prides itself on honesty and integrity, contact High Elevation Plumbing today. See what people are talking about in our review section!

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